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My Story…

I have suffered from Migraines/Cluster Headaches since I was in my late teens. Yes, do the math and that is over 40 years.  I kept a diary, I have seen doctors, Neurologists, had tests, MRI's tried and had countless prescriptions for one medication after another. I have adjusted this, that and done this and that in hopes of being FREE of the low-level baseline headache and the full-blown migraines. I walk, I do yoga, I BREATHE deeply, I have ice packs, heating pads and the list goes on ..... but still I suffer - to some degree. I am conscious of ALL of the triggers. I am most sensitive to the weather changes and fluctuating hormones. I now get Botox injections, I have a medication which gives me some relief if I take it in time. I now forgive myself when I am NOT productive and I no longer beat myself up. There are times I just cannot do things and I am best left alone in a dark room, curled up with a blanket .... 

I am blessed to spend part of my winter in sunny Arizona. I am really looking forward to participating in the Miles for Migraines Walk with some friends. 

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